Sales of Textiles

With the best service to our audience, we invite you to visit our stores, without obligation. We offer the best quality textiles, available, ready for you to make your clothes as you like. Visit us and find a variety of fabrics.

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Deliveries to Workshop

Under this service, no need to waste time coming to our facility for our fabrics. Just prior coordination with a telephone, (01-325-6698 / 01-323-7334) or (Nextel: 659 * 1277), and immediately proceed with shipping to your shop and / or local.

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% Special Discounts

It is applied to customers who purchase up to 20 rolls, or Magaly Always frequent buyers.

You can also take advantage of deals that are made each month.

Exportamos a muchos paĆ­ses!

National and International Service

We provide fabrics for making garments, fabrics for decoration. We sell products in Peru and the world. We are able to make fabric for clothing export to anywhere on the planet.